Who we are

We allow your restaurant to save time, money and effort by managing and fulfilling home deliveries for you, using our fleet of South Tyneside-based food delivery drivers. Whether or not your restaurant/takeaway already has a delivery service, we are confident we can increase your profits: you cook the food and we deliver it. Simple.

Professional delivery. Affordable price.

We transport your food, to your customers, always hot and always on time. With our drivers using both cars and specialised food delivery mopeds, we help to make your restaurant known for superior service.

What We Offer

Fast, easy, reliable.

With our unique delivery infrastructure, we take the stress and hassle out of home food deliveries and leave you to do what you do best: make great food.

Pay only for what you need

We don't charge any 'fees per hour' or similar. We charge you a set price per order, with no hidden costs or charges.

Access to a fleet of drivers

Busy night? No problem. Our team of drivers deliver for multiple restaurants, meaning that whether you're busy or quiet, one of our drivers will always be nearby and ready to accept your food delivery order.

A variety of vehicles

Our drivers operate both cars and specialised heated food delivery scooters, with your delivery being allocated automatically to the most appropriate one.

No more stress

As a restaurant owner, it can be difficult to maintain a reliable staff of drivers. When you switch to us, paying drivers’ fuel costs, time spent managing deliveries, and staffing are no longer problems.

Unique and simple ordering system

Order deliveries using our unique iPad kiosk system, and be sure that a driver will have the food with the customer quickly.

Guaranteed delivery within 45 mins

When you inform us of a delivery, we guarantee to have it at the customer's door within 45 minutes. Or your money back.